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Mrs. 'Arris Goes To Paris

Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris (TV Movie) 1992

Angela Lansbury ... Mrs. Ada Harris Diana Rigg ... Mme. Colbert Lothaire Bluteau ... Andre John Savident ... Mr. Armont Lila Kaye ... Vi Butterfield Tamara Gorski.

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Mrs. "Arris Goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris sees her dress before it's taken away.

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Dior Floor Model: Mrs. Arris Goes to Paris

Couture model on her knees! After spending her savings on a Dior gown modelled by Natsha, this famous charwoman does some matchmaking over ...

2007-03-13 01:10 11,207 YouTube

Mrs 'Arris goes to Paris - She doesn't like me

Mrs 'Arris (Angela Lansbury) trying hard to bring together uptight accountant André (Lothaire Bluteau) and seemingly uninterested Dior model Natasha (Tamara ...

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Mrs Harris

Mrs Harris.

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