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Over and Ova

Over and Ova

Andato in onda il 2017-11-10

Sandi Toksvig looks at over and ova. Learn some tricks you can do with eggs, meet a flying pig and join in as the studio audience sings along with western film themes. With Bill Bailey, Jan Ravens, Grayson Perry and Alan Davies.

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Odorous and Odious

Odorous and Odious

Andrà in onda il 2017-11-24

Sandi Toksvig considers all things Odorous And Odious. Why is the world's second-smelliest man so frustrated? Sandi has the answer. With Nish Kumar, Sally Phillips and Ross Noble.

QI (2003)

QI is a British comedy panel game television quiz show created and co-produced by John Lloyd, hosted by Stephen Fry, and featuring permanent panellist Alan Davies. Most of the questions are extremely obscure, making it unlikely that the correct answer will be given. To compensate, points are also awarded for interesting answers, regardless of whether they are right or even relate to the original question. Points are also deducted from a panellist who gives answers which are wrong, pathetically obvious, or obviously a joke. The show makes use of a loud siren and flashing lights, as a form of humiliation.

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Data di uscita: 2003-09-11

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